Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Voting Day Begins

From all accounts the nation is ready to vote.

In just a few hours polling stations will open, and the rush will begin.

Although today is a public holiday, many will be going to work. Among them the staff of shopping outlets, who will be working so the rest of us can buy our daily supplies.

This correspondent spoke to a few of these today. In particular one lady, a shop assistant at the local Spar, said she would be going to vote before going to work... She lives in Soweto, and works in the north western suburb of Little Falls. This means in addition to the 3 hours she spends every day travelling in each direction by mini-bus taxi, she will need to catch an extra taxi at dawn to the polling booth.

This will be a common experience for many of our citizens...

AndNow Comrade? correspondents will later today be joining the vast majority of our fellow citizens in using one of the limited available public transport or other methods to get to a polling station, and will bring you their experiences.

Our Cape Town correspondent will be travelling by metrorail; from Johannesburg, I, Babasizwe will be using the minibus, and later will try what millions will be doing especially in our rural communities, where the only regular form of transport is on foot.

Until Later

Babasizwe, reporting from Johannesburg

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