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The ANC’s Ministry of Environmental and Energy Affairs is seriously considering allowing fracking in the Karoo basin. The ANC want to provide jobs for a few people in the Karoo.  What about protecting the drinking water, land and air of the citizens who elected them into power?
Fracking fluids contain high levels of ethane, methane, and benzene. Chromium-6 (hexavalent chromium) “is also used in fracking and drilling. The public have no way of knowing what’s in fracking fluids because the chemicals used are  a “trade secret,”or rather, many trade secrets.
FRACKING CAUSES FURTHER ROCK FRACTURES, and the toxic chemicals are meant to prop open the rock.
During fracking millions of litres of water, sand and numerous chemicals- most of which are toxic, carcinogic and teratogenic (they include benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), diesel fuel, naphthalene (moth ball) compounds, boric acid, arsenic, poly nuclear organic hydrocarbons, only to name a few of 500-odd chemicals used), are pumped into boreholes at high pressure to release natural gas (called shale gas) trapped in layers of underground rock.
Fracking contaminates entire water tables, and weakens stability of rock through high pressure fracturing . This has led to an earthquake in New Arkansas in the US and who knows where else already.
FRACKING CAUSES ROCK FRACTURES and the toxic chemicals are meant to prop open the rock and keep the fractures open, causing further cracks in the rock table.
In some areas people are able to light their drinking water into flame with a lighter.  The water causes rashes, fainting as a result of the chemicals in the water released into the shower area. It also causes the hair of animals to fall out and, of course, all plants and insect life to die in a wide swathe several kilometres out from the fracking site area.
Below is other information on post-fracking environmental impact studies and documented environmental damage.
It travels silently underground poisoning your water.
It floats invisibly above, polluting the air your children, animals and you breathe.
It contaminates the Earth beneath your feet.
It stalks the halls of the Texas State Capitol, greasing the palms of weak and greedy men and women.
They in turn have created a Free Pass for this trespasser.

Information on the consequences of fracking on people in one farming community: A Colossal Fracking Mess

Quote:  “I own farm land in mid eastern Alberta. We had really good clear water from our 200ft well up until last year. Now the water smells really bad and is a grey colour, it will clear if it's run for a long time but the colour and smell return within a few hours of being turned off. The only thing that is different or new in the area are GAS WELLS.” written by Chuck , November 29, 2010
For information on the damage fracking has already caused, visit – DRILLING REFORM FOR TEXAS

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Study: Shale Gas Threatens Human Health

Study: Shale Gas Threatens Human Health

Hydraulic Fracturing

Natural Gas: Myth Busting the Clean Energy and Keeping Us Safer Lies

Water: Depletion

Water: Pollution

Air Pollution

Radioactive Drilling Waste

Sludge Pits

Injection/Disposal Wells

Pipelines and Explosions

Big Oil and Big Money Buys Big Influence

Noise Pollution & Quality of Life

Massive operation to contain hydraulic fracturing fluid at Chesapeake well

Another hydraulic fracturing accident at a Chesapeake well.

Gas Drilling Emergency in Bradford County
A massive operation is underway in Bradford County to deal with a spill at a natural gas well in LeRoy Township near Canton.

By now you know the drill...sorry.
  1. They were fracking,
  2. the well blew out at the surface,
  3. thousands and thousands or dangerous chemicals are flowing all over the place.
·         through fields
·         over personal property and farms
·         even where cattle graze

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

House Explodes in Quitman Arkansas. Natural Gas In Water Well Nearby!

We last posted an article about a water well on Locust Street in Quitman which has natural gas spewing out of it.  Since that time, some residents in that neighborhood have complained of headaches and feeling sick all the time. A few residents have filmed the water well bubbling and spewing gas out of the abandoned water well.  Residents in the Locust Street neighborhood have been voicing their fears of gas migration in the area.  One woman actually passed out in her own home and has constant headaches.  Fox says the gas well is scheduled to be capped off tomorrow.  This neighbor is very frightened that the gas well being capped off will cause more gas to migrate into their home.  The family of the house that exploded escaped harm, but the house was charred to its bare frame.   Fox 16 reports.

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