AndNowComrade? sets out to bring fair and balanced views on topicla issues regarding life in South Africa, and ocasionally world affairs that influence our lives down here at the southernmost tip of Africa.

We provide frank commentary on current affairs, environmental issues, economics, social concerns and other areas of public interest.

While trying to remain objective and centred, we will always ‘raise the spear’ when required. When politicians, business people, corporations, organisations or anyone needs reminding of what they say or do, we will be here to point the finger in their direction.

AndNowComrade? is committed to a free media and freedom of opinion; we welcome comments from all sides of any discussion. Where we may often apear to be 'left wing' or 'right wing', our goal remains 'centre field'. However we are not afraid to play 'devils-advocate' and comment from on opposing side, where taking this standpoint will emphasize our standpoint that something needs to be brought to the attention of the public at large.

Comments are invited from all sides of any debate, and may be made anonymously; however as a responsible media forum, we may require verifiable sources before we may publish these comments. This is especially the case where comments posted are accusatory, defamatory, or libelous. Comments of a more general nature, or directed at our blog and it's correspondent however may be posted without a verifiable source; (we are playing a role in the public media, and could not claim to support Freedom of Expression if we were not prepared to allow such freedom from our readers).

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