Saturday, 23 July 2011

Dear Mr Zuma

300 Years of Doing Nothing:

I listened with interest to your comments broadcast on SABC news at 19h30 today, Saturday 23 July 2011.

You are so right, in 300 years the people, who migrated southwards fleeing from the Zulu, of the eastern region of the Eastern Cape have done nothing to better their situation. Yes Sir, you are totally right; they have done nothing but sit outside their khayas, steal the odd head of cattle, mutilate their young men in barbaric primitive initiation rituals (and their young women too), and consume alcohol of dubious quality.

However Sir, you forgot to mention the 300 years of progress and development that took place just a little further to the south-west of what used to be the Transkei!

300 Years of Development:

Yes, Sir, while the people you were addressing were doing nothing, another group of migrants, moving north-eastwards from the Southern and Western Cape Regions, and landing from ships through treacherous and dangerous surf, built many thriving and prosperous cities and towns, not to mention the productive farms, or the roads, bridges, communications and all the other infrastructure that makes for a modern civilised nation.

But perhaps you forgot about these achievements because the AFRICAN PEOPLE who carried out these developments were of a lighter skin colouration than those of a darker complexion who were at the same time doing nothing, and don't count in your esteemed regard!

Great cities like Port Elizabeth, East London and Grahamstown, and the numerous towns in the region, including many in the more eastward ares, Butterworth, Umtata, Port St John's, King Williamstown to name but a few.

Look at these towns today; especially the former Transkei towns like Butterworth and Umtata. They are overwhelmed in decay and squalor! The local communities don't even make an effort to clear the rubbish that lies everywhere. The filth is a disgrace....

Look at the infrastructure (Yes Sir, built by light skinned Africans); today the N2 NATIONAL ROAD from East London to Kokstad is several hundred km of holes, domestic animals wander freely everywhere.

Buildings everywhere are falling apart. What about the pineapple farms started in the late 1970's with 'light-skin-African investment to develop the region. 30 years ago I often drove through this area, and the pineapple plantations were vast - Today, they are all gone!

Sir, yes you may be correct that the DARK-SKINNED AFRICAN residents of the region have done nothing in 300 years,, but give credit to the other people who tried to improve the lot of these same people.

The same communities you addressed today continue to do nothing to improve their lot, instead they seem to prefer to destroy either actively, or through total neglect, what already existed...

Rather attend to those who are willing to strive to succeed

Why waste your time trying to motivate useless and lazy individuals... Stop providing government funds to coddle them. Let them live in the filth and squalor they evidently enjoy... Rather give your attention to the citizens of this nation who are willing to actually try to achieve progress and development. Leave those who  will do nothing to fend for themselves... As long as they think government will step in with grants, and other forms of assistance, they will continue to do nothing, but be idle and destroy!

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  1. Angasivukasizwe23 July 2011 at 23:06

    Alas...Zuma needs a populist vote to remain, and his heart is not with the people of South Africa, only with those of a darker skin!

    Lack of basic maintenance is killing the South African economy the international recession hardly affects us at all, but trains not maintained, aeroplanes not maintained, buses not maintained, roads not maintained, infrastructure not maintained - that will bring our country to its knees - and crisis control is (a) much more expensive than maintaining something to begin with, and (b)is more often than not a patch-up or a jerry-rigged repair - doomed to break worse than before.