Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Whither the Moral Regeneration Movement

In comment on ‘VIEWPOINT by Mathole Motshekga’ posted on the ruling parties forum titled ‘Whither the Moral Regeneration Movement’ which reads:
On 23 February 2011, sixteen women from several Cape Town townships called at the Office of the Chief Whip of the Majority Party at Parliament to appeal for the intercession and intervention of the ANC in the deepening moral degeneration in the townships of Cape Town………

AndNowComrade?  Responds
Between 1952 and 1968 Hendrik Verwoerd declared KwaZulu Natal a "Bantu province," the Transvaal a “White province” and the Cape Flats a "Coloured area"  Coloured people were forcibly moved from places like Strawberry lane (farming communities) and the Cape (buskers and thieves) and plonked together into little square concrete box-houses with concrete outside. The elderly farm stock died of broken hearts in many cases.  No consideration was taken for religious beliefs, social structures, family structures or anything else.

The result was that the gangs from the city found easy pickings amongst ex-farming families and social disintegration occurred on a broad scale.

Words: They cannot encompass the sheer human torment, misery and degradation that occurred - and which was never addressed by the ANC government who have totally ignored it - until now.

Now they plan to use it as an election ploy!  They have NO RIGHT!!!

In other words they are implying that it is a recent development and that they can solve it.  What utter crap!  They never had any interest in the Coloured people - they were too "white" and not "black" enough.  Also, historically there were NEVER black people in the Western Cape, or the Northern Cape. There were Arabs, and there were KiKhoi in the 13th to 16th century, and there were Whites later. The Coloured people evolved from there.  There is no love lost between the coloured people and black people.
The black population has been deliberately increased in the past two years - False addresses, etc, this is the ANC support base come in to skew the vote, cause disruption, report on whatever they can portray in a bad light- like the un-enclosed toilets fiasco: 
Truth of the matter is there was an agreement between the DA and the community that the COMMUNITY would put up surrounding structures as the municipal budget allowed for the pipes to be laid and the toilets installed, but did not have enough money to build surrounding structures. This was discussed and agreed with community leaders before a single pipe was laid.
It is a certainty that this recent influx of ANC comrades will also cause disruption in opposition party meetings the new thuggery that is being employed that would make Robert Mugabe and his henchmen proud!

From established settlements to forced removals
Jimmy Manyi’s comment that “There are too many Coloureds in the Cape” is a clear indication that either he has no idea of South African history and the reason for the skewed demographics in different provinces (which is highly unlikely) or there is a crass disregard for the fact that the grandparents of the current Coloured population were forcibly removed from homes all around the country and relocated below the Cape Flats line. 

Families were divided. The ‘pencil test’ separated mothers from their children, wives from their husbands. The toll in human anguish, once again, has never been mentioned by the ANC – nor have they made ANY attempt at redress for Coloured people who lost their land, their homes, their family members – their pride, their dignity and their security of self. 
Dop payment system
Jimmy Manyi, or anyone else, has never said there are too many Blacks in KwaZulu Natal – same demographic cause – Blacks were uprooted from home, family and land and relocated in KwaZulu Natal.  The Zulu people intermarried with many. Mr. Buthelezi, the embattled old warrior who has seen so many ANC dirty tricks and murder of IFP comrades that it has made him physically sick is a man among men – a true leader whose integrity severely irked ANC spin doctors and “repeat the lie until it becomes the truth” mongers.
No doubt what is written above will be labelled as racist, classist and whatever else ‘ist and loud noises will be made to hurt the ears of those who strive to hear the truth.
Angasi Comrade. There are many ex-comrades who have left and others who have then gone back to the ANC believing that perhaps, against all the odds, they can turn back the tide on the reprehensible and shameful manipulations that shifted dynamics and split former comrades into opposing camps at Polokwane.
They too are sick of the lies, the corruption, the attempts to silence the judiciary, the media, the people.

Exploitation of coloured farm labour

And now there are too many Coloureds in the Cape -  a people marginalised, sidelined, ignored and beaten down by the previous dispensation who have continued to be marginalised, sidelined, ignored and beaten down by the current regime.
Can the ANC be ashamed? Can Corruption be ashamed? Can dishonesty be shamed? Can outright lies presented as truth be shamed?
The ANC is divided, torn apart within itself despite platitudes that everyone is one big happy, if dysfunctional family. It has become Schizophrenic.  Province has lost communication with Branches, Regional with Province, and Provincial with Government.
Remember comrades, when ZANU PF had lost control of its Regional and Branch structures it “closed ranks” and became the executioner, inquisitor (with all of the inquisitor’s tools of maiming and permanently disfiguring) and torturer of its own countrymen and women.
It is said that what happened in Zimbabwe cannot happen here, because here the sheep have teeth.  Oh God, please let that be true!
How long before the Ruling Party tales legislation to control or blanket internet sites, social networking sites? Before it tries once again to wrest the title of Highest Court in the land from the Supreme Court to the Constitutional Court which is underpinned by ANC stalwarts?

And how many IFP, COPE and other party leaders will be murdered, witnesses be too terrified to step forward, whose murderers will never be brought to justice, and who will be deemed never to have existed two years later by the Ruling Party?

The sheep had better have teeth – they are going to have to learn to use them.

"Sooner or later, a society of sheep must create a government of wolves."
- Bertrand de Jouvenel (Zimbabwe is a good example)


  1. Well said.

    I wonder how Mr Motshekga would react to a similar statement from a member of the KhoiSan community; there are too many BLACK people in south Africa, let alone the Western Cape.

    After all, the KhoiSan are the TRUE indigenous South Africans, here a long time before the aBantu people migrated down from the north.

    As far as the Western Cape is concerned, the KhoiSan were first, followed in the 15th century by European migrants and adventurers. So if Mr Motshekga has any knowledge whatsoever of the history of this nation, he will know his own tribal ancestors didn’t get much further south than the Eastern Cape border. KhoiSan and whites were in these areas before his forebears got there.

    Think about that, comrade Mathole!

  2. The 'coloured' community clearly showed their displeasure at the municipal polls in Mossel Bay this year. Only a coalition prevented the DA from gaining another municipality